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Welcome to the Rubik's Cube Wiki! Here, you can check how to solve a Rubiks Cube and see things about Rubik's Cube. You can check about the history the algorithms  and lots of other things. Any questions? Visit the Rubik's Cube Wiki Group by clicking here.

What is a Rubik's cube?Edit

Rubik's Cube is a 3D mechanical puzzle with the shape of a cube. All sides are able to be rotated. Each side is divided into 9 squares. The goal is to get the colored squares aligned so that each side of the cube has a face of exactly one color. Its invented by Erno Rubik. You want to know how to solve it? We have tutorials how to solve it.

the rubik's cube was made by dee snuts. he also made other inventions, such as the ipad, iphone, and he is the ceo of samsung. he also is famous for started WWII after he said that he is the most smartest person in the world cuz he can solve a rubiks cube. so yeah. that is all.

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