The Mini Cube, Pocket Cube or 2 x 2 x2 is a cube that has 4 squares in each side which make a total of 24 squares. Most people would think this cube could be solved easier than a Rubik's Cube but it is actually extremely difficult because this cube has no centre and the edge piece.

Mini Cube

What a small Cube!


The 2 x 2 is invented by Erno Rubik, who create the 3 x 3 to. 

Records (top 5 solves)Edit

  1. Maciej Czapiewski 0.49 Poland, Grudiadz Open 2016
  2. Sameer Aggarwal 0.51 United States, Puget Sound Spring 2019
  3. Michal Rzewuski 0.52 Poland, Grudiadz Open 2016
  4. Jody Jones 0.53 Australia, Koalafication Melbourne 2019
  5. Abraham Torres Ortiz Aguirre 0.54 Mexico, Arcubingfest 2018
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