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The Fridrich Method is commonly used in Speedcubing. The method is invented by Jessica Fridrich. The steps are followed layer by layer. First, they made the first cross on the bottom. Then, continuing to solve the first two layer (F2L). Afterwards, orienting the last layer (OLL). Finally, they permute the last layer (PLL).

Before you start learning this method, you must be familiar with the simplified fridrich method. Step 1 of that method is left the untouched. You still need to make a white cross. After that, you solve the first two layers with F2L, which is basically step 2 and 3 simultaneously. Next, you complete the yellow layer (OLL), which is basically step 4 and 5 simultaneously. Finally, you use PLL to solve the rest of the cube, so step 6 and 7 are done simultaneously as well.

Because this method involves too many algorithms to show in one page, separate pages are created for it.

Step 1: Make the white cross (find information here)
Step 2: F2L
Step 3: OLL
Step 4: PLL

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