The Beginner's method

is the first method to solve a Rubiks Cube. The Fridrich method is the fastest way. The beginners method is the easiest method to solve the (3x3) cube. Its for beginners :)!

The inventorEdit

Erno Rubik invented this way to solve the cube. He is the creator of the cube and the first person who made the cube.

How to do itEdit

Step 1: Get to know your cubeEdit

The cube has a total of 43 252 003 274 489 856 000 combinations.That is a lot. This way teach you to solve the cube in any scramble that there is. 

First, let's take a look at the cube. It's got 6 sides, each a color. Yellow is the opposite of white, green is the opposite of blue and red is the opposite of orange. But if your cube is not a rubiks cube, the colors can be different.   How many times you're telling your friends that you only can make one side? If we going to solve the cube we solve the tree rows.

Now, let's look at the pieces. 

1 this is a center piece. It never changes. It gives the color of the side of the cube.

2 This is a corner piece. It's gots 3 colors. This one gots green, yellow and red as his colors.

3 This is one edge piece. It's gots 2 colors. It always is between 2 corners.


1. Center block 2. Corner block 3. Edge block


Solved rubik's cube. Please don't laugh at my drawing skills.:)

Step 2:Algorithms Edit

So, now we have algotithms. Algorithms for a cube looks like this: R'UD (Right counterclockwise, up, down) Let's explain this. The cube has got 6 sizes so if you put your cube on a table you can name the upper surface the front surface, the down surface, e.t.c. Now think about a clock, the clock is ticking to right. If there is standing a R in a algorithm, it means you need to turn the right surface to the right. But, if there is standing a R',you need to turn the cube counterclockwise, so right counterclockwise. And that is how the algorithms work.

Now, you need to remember these in order to solve the cube. But in the first step, solving one row you do not need to use the algorithms yet.


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